Bamboo Notebook from Asus Releases

Issues of environmental sustainability is also an issue considered by Asustek Computer, the computer maker and its supporting components.

For that, they apply the concept of environmentally friendly products makes. As one example is U Series notebook Bamboo Collection.

“U Series Notebook ASUS Bamboo Collection is designed for fashion lovers who also care about the environment,” said a spokesman for Asus in his testimony, June 3, 2010. “With a dark brown bamboo exterior and the interior coated aluminum, the U Series gives an organic touch in the midst of busyness of everyday activities, so that users feel closer to nature,” he argued.
asus bamboo
Asus says, with less plastic used in the production process, the U Series Bamboo Collection is inspired by nature is proof that the computer should not be seen as a machine that impressed stiff.

Incorporating energy efficient technologies such as the Super Hybrid Engine for your computer to become more efficient in power consumption, several other steps are also taken Asus to be more environmentally friendly products. For example on sales of products and packaging, Asus uses bamboo and recycled plastic.

In addition to environmentally friendly products, companies from Taiwan’s Asus is also holding the Green movement in all its activities.